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Chapter 1: Forgotten Dreams

Back in the early days of the internet, being a horror fan, I was lurking in forums for horror stories. There, I met a guy who had the weirdest dreams. There was something unsettling about the implications his dreams had. I think what weirded me out the most was a similarity with my worst nightmares.

After a very long time, I tried to find these forums and especially this guy's posts but couldn't. It seems like they vanished from the face of the internet. So based only on the memories I have about what I read, I started making this game. The game's title is "This Game Is Real" because the last post I remember reading ended by saying "I think these dreams are real".

Chapter 2: Mirrors

I hate mirrors. I have this fear that when I look into a mirror I will not see my self but someone I am not. Dreams feel like looking through a mirror but for the mind. You see what really exists in there.
This chapter is based on the recurring nightmares I used to have.

Chapter 3: TBA

This horror game was made in the course of four months and it is the first game I have ever made, hope you enjoy.

Made With Unreal Engine 4

Quixel - MegaScans
Epic Games - Multiple Free Assets
Next Level 3D - Free Furniture Pack
Tansuergene - Horror Engine
Infuse Studio - Medieval Dungeon
MoCap Online - MCO Mocap Basics
Amplify Creations - Amplify LUT Pack
ArbitraryStudio - Grindstone
HeadsAndBrains - Pick Up Plus Inspect
Tim Hertel - Horror Dining Room
OlgaShachneva - Modern Apartment
Park JongMyung - Bulb&Lamp Light Pack v.02

Sounds and Music:
DARK FANTASY STUDIO/Nicolas Jeudy - Megapack
Albert Fernandez -  Horror Music Atmospheres
Dr Borowski - Footstep Sounds On Different Surface
Little Robot Sound Factory - Horror Sound Effects Library
OwlishMedia - Owlish Media Sound Effects
Debsound - Bonebreaking, UOregonCinemaStudies- Gutdropping
Bennstir - Creak, Cough E - DoorLockSounds, HaelDB - Footsteps
Artisticdude - Inventory Sound Effects, kane53126 - setplatedown
Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com“

J carter, Markus Spiske, Suzy Hazelwood, Filip Zrnzević, 
Paweł Czerwiński, Chen-Pan Liao, Castorly Stock, La Miko

Tools Used:
Make Human, Blender, Audacity, Photoshop, GlueIT


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Hey! I checked out your game in my most recent video! It was one hell of a weird ride but weird in a good way! Also, the title of the video is a joke, your game did scare me, haha. Hope ya enjoy the video!

Any news on Chapter 3?

Chapter 3 is at an early stage of development right now, it will be ready in about a month! I will release updates as the development continues. Thank you for your patience!

I really loved Chapter 2 of this game, was right on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait for chapter 3.

Chapter 2 looks and plays great - I can't wait to play Chapter 3. 

Great work!

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I was really impressed by this! 

I was constantly on edge and never felt safe or comfortable. The atmosphere (and especially the sound design) was really well done too and  it never felt like random assets being thrown together even though it easily could have. 

I'm definitely looking forward to the third chapter!

I found the secret by the way but I'm either doing something really wrong or it's bugged for me, since I can't get it to appear (I've waited for quite some time as well and tried several different things) and I couldn't find anything about it online.

P.S.: I've seen a video of an older version of Chapter 1 and it's great to see how passionate you seem to be about this project, since you put so much time into refining it. The version I played was clearly a lot more polished and I think that's really impressive as well.

An interesting story with some unique spine chilling elements which can catch you by surprise, i got a little lost near the final part in part 1 on what to do but that was probably my lack of gameplay experience.

 I played when chapter 2 was not out but i will be sure to give that one a try aswell , it would be nice to see some narrative with the player , perhaps even arguing with themselves about what is dream and what is real.

 Overall though an enjoyable experience it was fun to play.

i can't seem to find chapter 2

Download the first zip file (the one over 700MB), unpack and when you select Chapters on the main menu it should be there! If it still doesn't show up tell me, it could be a bug.


Was great to play Chapter 2, love it and will say a big improvement over chapter 1 which I also played. The Stylish One of Horror Gaming says keep it up and I can't wait for Chapter 3


The "Get Creative" book being green was a nice easter egg


Chapter 2 is Great Unknown X ... This Game Gave Me A Great Jumpscare Indeed!


Very nice chapter 2 , good job man 

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Pros and cons are down below. Check out my vid (the 3d game in the vid):


1. Very nice sound design, I like that you hear something happening in the other rooms before you see it - that gives space for imagination) I got scared a lot playing this.

2. The whole note idea is pretty funny (in a good way). I like that you have to find some of them to understand what's going on or to progress.

3.  I like different layers to the experience - starting off in the flat you are going places then)

4. I like that this experience had a major idea!

5. There are possibly several endings (I'm not sure, I got one and stopped there, but I have a feeling that there is more to explore).

Disadvantages (or areas to develop)):

1. It's hard to understand how to progress at first. Though I can't think of a way to make it easier - maybe that is a feature, not a disadvantage)

2. The last area is a bit obnoxious because you have to move in a specific order to finish it. It seemed like a museum with exhibitions that you have to visit before finishing. Maybe the game would benefit from putting the rooms more linear - so you don't have to run around figuring what you are supposed to investigate now.

3. The monster wasn't frightening. Though, I have to admit that everything else was scary instead) Maybe you could work a bit more on the monster's model (if you want of course)

4. The whole battery finding concept was kinda excessive. I mean you had an abundance of batteries, so you didn't think of them anyway. So this feature didn't add anything to the experience. I just don't get it why it was necessary to look for batteries in the first place.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the game! I rate it 5/5) Btw, those "around the corner" scares were brilliant! Wish to see more of them in the future projects. I also have 1 last question - WHY A SURVEILLANCE CAMERA IN THE BATHROOM?!

Hope my feedback was useful! 

Thank you very much for the feedback! I hope you play the second chapter too!


oh play 2


This game was pretty confusing to me and not really that creepy/scary. I had no idea what was happening, nor why. I understand, now, that this is your first game and I gotta say... nice work for your first game! I hope you improve on your work because this was kinda scary but not that scary, so I look forward to what you could create in the future!


FFFFIREEE GAME very fun heres my experience 


JUST PLAYED THIS!!!!! I love the look inside your head  bit near the end, that made my brain trip in a good way lmao 😂💙. The game looks so real and spooky, I felt immersed in this house!! And I did scream and run away from that thing during certain parts lmao. Had fun playing this, and still curious as to whether this whole thing is real real real....CAN'T WAIT FOR CHAPTER 2!!!!! 👀👀


This game was good, but I got confused at the end of the game.


This was very interesting! Good Job! Greetings from Germany :)

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You did a great job building up that creepy atmosphere.  Only downside is when you actually get a glimpse of the tall black guy.  Maybe it's just personal preference but the fear of the unknown in horror games is too important and seeing the "monsters" early-on kind of killed that for me. 

On the other hand, the use of the white masks did a pretty good job.  There's even one place in the staircase to the basement where you can look through the wall and can only see a mask looking at you, with the white glowing eyes. Pretty good. 

Other than that, pretty good game!  Short and sweet just like I like them.  Cheers!


A shortish experience that ended up being pretty good. I enjoyed it overall but was never truly scared.


- There were not many jump scares, most scares had some sort of lead up which I think is better practice.

- Visuals were nice at most parts

- The game leads you along pretty well without much need for direct guidance

- Audio for walking or music was good or at least didn't feel out of place


- Most scares did not affect me much, maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it

- Visual detail was not as consistent as I would like. Some items would have a great amount of detail and others would almost look like simple geometry.

- The whole "the game is actually real" thing never caught me off. It would be more convincing if the game actually made changes to your files or pulled you out of the game.

- The flashlight was not useful in a lot of parts of the level and I ended up with a surplus of batteries.

- The area where you are descending the stair case after leaving the starting area is much lower quality.

For this being your first game and being developed in such a short span this is rather impressive.


Thank you for the feedback. I am still learning a lot and with time my flaws become more obvious. I hope you come back when chapter 2 is out!

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Made a video on your game. Hope you enjoy it


I didn't look back. Should I have?


The end definitely got me! I was really spooked and had to look behind me several times! Good job! 


SKIP TO 12:55!!!


Got propa into this game, the graphics were so real. Hence the game title. I liked how it progressed, with the basement section. Would like it to be a little more clearer on what to do. Might just be not knowing. Maybe something on the HUD to tell you to find or locate something. Other than that I loved the game and can't wait for the next chapter. Any release window on the next chapter. Here is my reaction of your game, during the Indie Hour.


I feel like this game has a lot of potential, it has a very creepy vibe to it so far and I'm looking forward to more.



so amazing!


This game is excellent! I jumped out of my seat a few times. The only critique I have is the head bobbing while staying still (motion sickness), will there be a toggle for that in the future? Other than that, I love your game and I can't wait to play the other chapters. Awesome work!


Yes, this game is "real" (skip to 7:10)


This guy must of had some messed up dreams! When the ish hit the fan, I truly felt a panic just start flooding inside. The environment at times can capture just how gritty it can get. I loved what you did with the soundscape, it really felt immersive. But I almost feel like the opportunity to scare the gamer out of his/her chair fell flat. But still something to def continue refining!

Great work! 


This game is definitely real....



My dad live streamed your game and I think he crapped himself. Very good work, and I hope to see more chapters soon!


i'M really impressed with this game looking forward for more.This is game very suspenseful great job


game was weird 


Fantastic game! I left some small critiques at the end of the video but overall, incredibly well-done. Definitely scared the pants off of me.


I loved how this game presented its sound which is crazy creepy and props for that and the rest of the game was amazing. I liked it so much that I made a whole video on it for the player reaction.

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It has a tiny table! 10/10 IGN


Great game with a great backstory, good graphics and could grow to be much more. 10/10


Hi there, i work for SideQuest where
we help out tons of Virtual Reality developers and host a myriad of game demos and titles for the Oculus Quest, i thought your application looks really fun and interesting. If possible at all i was curious on how willing you may be to create a a Quest port of it. It would be astounding to see your game as a VR title listed on SideQuest. If you are at all interested at all you can check out our submission procedure at SideQuestVR.com/How-To-Submit-Games and for a list of how many currently available titles we have you can check out our listings at https://www.SideQuestVR.com/#/apps
In any case good gaming and hope to see you out there in Virtual Reality some day.

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