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While working at night, I witnessed some strange events. I was alone so nobody believed what I saw. To prove that I am not crazy I decided to take a camera at work and see what happens.

What follows is the video from that night.

Disclaimer: Mid to High spec PC is recommended!

This game is a 7 days project for the SCREAM MACHINE GAME JAM

Made with Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games - Various free assets for Epic Games Marketplace
Quixel - Megascans
tansuergene - Horror Engine
Tim Hertel - Horror Dining Room
Olga Shachneva - Modern Apartment
Arbitrary Studio - Grindstone Model Pack
Next Level 3D - Free Furniture Pack

Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

Tools Used:
Blender, Make Human, Mixamo, Photoshop, Audacity


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Incident At Work (Windows 64bit) 438 MB
Incident At Work (Windows 32bit) 416 MB
Incident At Work (Linux) 488 MB

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There are so many things that I find lovely about this game. The VHS effect that truly makes it found footage-like, for example, and the fact that you quite literally have one job, and you wonder how could it possibly go wrong? This was terrifying in an odd way, from the threat of having to do your job to a T to the selective audio and graphic changes. This was well made, especially for a week's time (': Thanks for the experience and hope to see more from you soon!

Thanks so much for making this game, the most spooky part of my gameplay was apparently a chair, since I missed one jumpscare while looking around for more hard drives. And the question still remains... Did I bet my body for a software entity to take it??

this game was uber fun and the atmosphere kept me going!

I can see the effort the devs put in to this game.Here is a video i made about this game, hope you enjoy

While at work the other day I experienced some form of paranormal that I cannot explain. Something was watching me. Fear began to fill the room. I had to keep working. I couldn't let it stop me.

This was the second game in this video, really interesting experience the idea of being alone and experiencing this kind of paranormal activity and trying to capture it on camera, I really enjoyed the game. Great work and hope to see more in the future!

I love this game its an amazing experience, it had a lot of creepy moments in it

Loved it, everything is just so smooth and well made. It's very cohesionate. I hope it was longer!!!!

I made a little video, hope you like it :)

This was a great experience, I love the creep factor that being in a server room alone at night could bring. The constant hum in the background gives you a sense of dread and the ending, I'm still trying to figure out whether it ended the way I think it endd (as described in the video below) or i'm mis-reading it. Great play for something done in only 7 days.

realy cool game

I really liked this! A nice, creepy slow build. Very detailed environment with a nice bit of lore thrown in. Great game! 

Incident At Work

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Very cool game!  Had fun trying it out! 

Really liked this as well as This Game Is Real.  Your games are great and I look forward to seeing more projects from you in the future. 

Hey will you be making a version for mac? or is it possible to play this game on mac?

Hello, unfortunately I can't build the game for mac right now. I do plan to add mac support for all my games in the future, I just can't be sure when.


seems great so far, but I can't figure out how to interact with things/open doors. I've tried LMB, spacebar, enter, everything.  Please help?

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Hey, you don't have to press anything, just walking in the direction of the thing you want to interact will do the trick. 

And a tip: Remember to pick up a hard drive after you used one. You can only carry one at a time.




Strange game, very calm


Not your everyday horror setting, but that's just what makes it great...I really enjoyed it! :)

I've made a little fan trailer, just for the fun of it. Please feel free to check it out if interested.

Hey, this was great, I love it! Thank you for making this.

Glad you like my trailer!  No problem mate,  I had a good time playing, as well as editing  :)

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How long does the game normally take to finish? We had to wait a bit before we gave up, hah

Hey, there is much more to the game. Be patient, read the notes and take a look around the place.

Game got stuck at the ratio select menu and wouldn't even let me turn off the cursed game.

It would be very helpful if you would elaborat further. What system did you run the game on? What resolution did you pick? Did Alt-F4 not turn off the game?

Windows 10 and I picked full screen and the game got stuck and changed my laptop resolution and I tried to Ctrl+Alt+Del multiple times until it showed me the pop-up window to turn off the game. (And no I never tried Alt-F4 because I never knew it was a thing.)


Thank you for the reply and your time. The game is very resource intensive right now, I will try to optimaze the performance in the future.